Kellin Quinn


Sleeping With Sirens is in my town today at downtown, anyway I was driving and Kellin was crossing the street (but my sister thought it wasnt him) and his face looked hilarious because the light was turning red and he stopped midway and seemed scared like if i was going to run him over. I dont know why but I found it funny and felt like sharing that.

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Whoever made these lists, thank you.

Blink-182 being on everyone’s lips.

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Me: I need to make a good first impression
Me: puts on band shirt

Josh slapping Alex’s butt [x]

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You Me At Six -  Room To Breathe (Acoustic Version) 

In my opinion, This version is better than the original one.

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The way the Tower fell was scary Look, it didn’t just break off, it crashed down as if it was a domino effect, floor by floor. There were people in that building. Take a moment out of your day and reblog this for the people who saved lives that day and for the poor souls who didn’t make it.

you must understand that by looking at this gif youre watching people lose their lives. RIP 9/11 Victims


:( reblogging to respect those who lost their lives

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she was dressed modestly to begin with though wtf

But obviously girl knees are so much more psychologically problematic to a developing adolescent than watching adults wield and flex the ability to humiliate powerless children with the excuse that the knees of children are inherently sexually stimulating

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World Trade Centre by Queen_Pigletta on Flickr.

there’s always something missing from the skyline

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this is hands down the wildest post on this entire site

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shirts that get tight around the armpit


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